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Our products are made from forged iron.  All items are handmade in Moscow and Moscow Region, Russia.
Our blacksmith professionals possess over 30 years of experience of handmade crafting in Russia and the United States.  We are based in Russia, Istrinskyi Region.
   Forged iron hangers composition for an apartment or a residential housing     2 forged iron items composition.  decorative handmade iron hangers
All products are shipped ready to use.  You only need to attach the products to the wall with screws or insert them into the ground of your garden.  
Please, feel free to get in touch with us, have you any questions!  We will be happy to assist you!
Every item is handmade!  Each item is a little bit distinct from one to another.  This is due to the handmade nature of the products.  Each one is individually produced by a blacksmith.  So, even if you order the same model, each product will be a little bit different.  Thus, the customer can be sure, that we truly supply a handmade crafted items, rather than machine made serial products.






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